Check Out These Facts As You Look At Homes For Sale In Newark Delaware

Newark DE is a great place to call home, and you’re looking for the right house to buy. What do you know about this city? Are you familiar with New Castle County? You’re going to find the University of Delaware in Newark, and there are lots of things to do as well as nice restaurants to visit. Allow me to help you get to know the city of Newark DE a little better as you search for the right home to buy.

If you look at all the places to live in Delaware, guess what. Newark ranks #7 on the list. For sure, Delaware is smaller than most other states, but that’s still an excellent ranking. According to one site, Newark gets an overall grade of A. That’s rather impressive. One thing I did notice is that it gets a grade of C in terms of housing. Let’s look at the cost of housing to see if that is why.

The median home value in Newark is at about $270k. That’s higher than the national average, but it’s not what I expected to see for the grade being a C. The median rent isn’t too bad either, right at about $1200. Again, you’re talking about numbers that are higher than the national average, yet I would expect to see a B for housing if it were just about the prices.

You might also be interested in knowing that about 56 percent of the people that live in Newark are homeowners, meaning 44 percent are renters. Newark ranks #5 in terms of the best Delaware suburbs, and it ranks #6 for the best places for millennials to live. All of those are interesting facts to know in regards to your new city.

You might also be interested in knowing that there is what I call ‘Restaurant Row’ on Main Street. Main Street is where a ton of the best restaurants are located. Yet don’t think that there aren’t some great restaurants all over the city, too. There are quite a few. You are going to be eating good after you get all situated in Newark.

For now, it’s time to find the best home to buy. Pick a good neighborhood, and you will then be able to better look at the listings. Use the knowledge your agent has to pick out some great homes to look at in person. Then you can start working on closing that deal.