Find Your Next Meal At One Of These Top Newark DE Restaurants

How many of the four restaurants I’m about to tell you about do you think will be found on restaurant row, aka Main Street in Newark? You will just have to wait and see. Discover these four wonderful places to enjoy a meal, and then it will be time to set out and explore more of the beautiful city of Newark, Delaware.

Zoes Kitchen is up first, and you’re going to find this wonderful restaurant on Fashion Center Boulevard. So you haven’t made it back over to restaurant row yet for the first pick. At Zoes Kitchen, you can enjoy great menu items like shrimp kabobs, chocolate cake and potato salad. The hummus salad plate is also said to be a favorite. By the way, this restaurant is another one of the great picks in the food court at Christiana Mall.

The Chicken House is your next pick, and its location is 1224 Capitol Trail. You have still escaped restaurant row. I’m making that out to be a little bit of a joke, but restaurant row is a lovely part of the city of Newark. You will certainly want to spend some time there and make it by some of the best restaurants. As for The Chicken House, it is a Peruvian restaurant, and you can expect to eat some wonderful dishes when you dine there.

Claymont Steak Shop is up next, and it’s known for its delicious pizzas and cheese steaks. And guess what! It’s on restaurant row. It’s always time for a delicious cheese steak made just the way you want it, right? The same goes for some great pizza. As a matter of fact, I would have a rather difficult time deciding between the two, but at the same time, no, no I wouldn’t. I would want some pizza.

There was one Mexican restaurant in another article that I reviewed, but the place featured quite a few other menu items, too. That place was great, but this restaurant is completely dedicated to Mexican cuisine. It’s Morelia Mexican Restaurant, and its location is 4617 Ogelton Stanton Road. The chimichanga is the first item on the menu highlights that I noticed, and the margaritas have their spot, too.

Mexican food, pizza, sandwiches and Peruvian cuisine make up this list of four top dining establishments in Newark DE. That’s a rather eclectic list, wouldn’t you say? Is it time to get out there and find your next meal?